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Mary Flanderka


Mary Flanderka

          Mary Flanderka is a graduate of the Ray of Hope Academy Certified Registered Reflexologist (2023) when she started Red Bird Reflexology LLC.

She has been a client of reflexologists in Wyoming, but after returning to her home state of Wisconsin, she suffered an accident that threatened her hobbies and activities.  With help from Lila Mueller, Ray of Hope, physical therapy and chiropractic, she avoided back surgery and is back doing the things she loves.  After that scare, she decided to learn reflexology to help family and friends.  Her passion for Reflexology grew and she knew she wanted others to have access to reflexology services.

           Mary believes that reflexology is a wonderful alternative to help with pain, stress and help the body heal itself. Mary understands very well the pain associated with feet issues as well and knows that there is rarely a silver bullet, but there are ways to deal with and hopefully reduce pain and prevent further issues.  She continues to learn more about reflexology. Mary is certified in face, hand, feet and ear reflexology. 

             A typical reflexology session lasts about an hour and only the shoes and socks are removed.  The client will recline in a zero-gravity chair or will lie on a massage table.

           Mary is a member of the Reflexologist Association of America and Integrated Reflexologists of Wisconsin.


Red Bird Reflexology LLC, 435 Mill Street, Plymouth WI 53073

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